We are a team of yogis, globetrotters, travelers from different spheres of life each united by a single cause – to spread the word of yoga to all corners of the globe. And that’s also one of the reasons why we why we lend out a helping hand to soulful businesses who work towards the same cause – spread this ancient science in its truest form and inspire people towards it.

It makes us all excited and geared up to go when we get the opportunity to work with individuals and businesses who have a genuine passion to help others and in turn, help the entire world.

But the thing is, your passion and the urge to assist others hardly leaves you any time to focus on the expansion of the good deed you’re doing? Isn’t it? That’s where we come in.

Digital Marketing Souls was setup with the primary aim of ‘Connecting yogis and healing brands with a wider audience’

We serve as the ideal platform from where you can enhance your online presence and turn your vision into a reality.

We make sure that your yoga brand or studio really stands out, without following a generic tone, specifically which has a voice of its own.

DMS Values:

  • Objective: To take care of your dreams and business like it's our own.
  • Ethical: Most of us are also yogis, the ethics and values of every member are primary like keeping our client's information confidential.
  • Authentic: We give genuine advice, as suggested by our team of professionals. Most importantly, we don’t make false promises.
  • Transparent: We respect our clients, and keep complete transparency with them about the campaigns, Key Performance Indicator (KPI), etc.
  • Data-Centric: We let the data do the talking! A data-driven plan is a logical approach we follow to produce optimum results.

Surviving and flourishing in this competitive market is difficult…our packages offer you everything you need to get your message across and prosper your business.

We are blessed to work for clients who support the same vision of uplifting society with Yoga.


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